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Coach Education Program

The Bigger Picture

“The only way you know if you are doing a good job as a coach is to observe the person you are becoming in the process”

                                                                                                                           – Coach Jiva


The thing about big picture is we tend to believe it is something that involves more people, a larger community interest and global impact. And we’re not wrong about it. Only that in the process you will realize it is about you first, that its always been about you. After that you will realize its not just about you, its about sharing, its about community and a larger purpose for the world. That is the process.

“The path isn’t a straight line, it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths”                                                                                                                                 -Barry H.Gillespie

It is very easy to lose sight on our north star and sway in direction through everyday decisions in this spiral path process. Hence we always need an easier reminder or guide that we are on a conscious chosen path. Happiness is a good compass. Steven Kotler, in his book “the art of impossible” says it simply in this matter;

“Psychologists have found that humans can reach 3 levels of well-being on this planet, each more pleasurable than the last. The first level is moment to moment happiness or what’s often described as hedonic approach to life. The next level up is Engagement, which is defined as high flow lifestyle, or one where happiness is achieved not by the pursuit of pleasure but rather through seeking out challenging tasks that have likelihood of producing flow. The next level up, the peak level of happiness and the best we can get to fell on the planet, is known as purpose, which blends the high flow lifestyle of level 2 with the desire to impact lives beyond our own.”

                                                                                                                      -Steven Kotler

Which is why our coach education program takes you through the spiral path process of realizing your potential and the potential of your players; of learning, discovering, sharing and learning again.

Lifestyle Fundamental

If there is one thing I truly value from choosing to be a coach, it would be the Lifestyle. The habit of starting your day early, motivated no matter what you feel on the inside, how I have to plan my meals throughout the day simply because I want to be on top of my energy levels during my sessions, how hydration is part of my daily life simply because my body craves for it and also how I have enough sleep for the same reason of performing well.

The irony of it is I’m doing all this so I can do my job well, and doing all these are amongst the requirements of living well. There really are not many jobs that have such combination where doing what’s good for you equals to doing a good job.

Attending a Coach Education Program at Asia Badminton Academy gives you an experience of this lifestyle to start with. A change of lifestyle can create changes from the inside – out and that is the fundamental of success in coaching.

Artboard AA


Anatomical Adaptation Training Program



The 2nd stage of our coach education program is the Integration of terms used in coaching whilst actually learning our Standard Training Procedures (STP). In most cases, any difference of opinion by coaches are not in fact disagreement, they are simply looking at the same thing through different lenses and / or looking at different sides of the same coin. Hence this process involves openness of the mind to look beyond their usual muscle memory and add or combine new terms to their coaching vocabulary. It is important that the same words paint the same pictures in our mind during this program at this stage.

Artboard PREP


Preparation Phase Training Program



The 3rd stage is the Dissection stage where your focus stretches from the terms and pictures it paints in your mind to actually more badminton specific technical stuffs. This is when you experience the dissection of the badminton sport and its training principles. A full screen of badminton is broken down into many smaller screens within it that eventually will produce the same full screen image but with better understanding of the mechanics that govern it. This stage will involve practice, experiencing the drills as a player, observing other coaches and players performing the drills and one of my personal favorite; contemplation.

Artboard PRECOMP


Pre-Competition Phase Training Program



The 4th stage is the Embodiment of philosophy into the training programs. This is the creativity part. It involves designing specific drills, it involves the management of training sessions to produce best possible effectiveness and it involves adaptability skills. This is the part where the practical hours as a coach and consistent feedback from the instructor play a major role.

Artboard COMP


Competition Phase Training Program


Continuous Learning, Progression & Lateralization

“Most of us have one of the two basic Mindsets. Those who have “fixed mindsets” believe abilities like intelligence and athletic talent are innate and unchangeable – ie, fixed at birth. Those with “growth mindsets” believe abilities are gained through dedication and hard work, that natural born talents are merely starting points for a much longer learning process”

                                                                                                           -Carol Dweck, Standford Psychologist

The following 7 qualities is what makes you a GREAT Coach:



Training the individual and not the sport

Learning from the masters-of-arts and relating

Being humble

Continuous Learning

Teaching and Mentoring other Coaches

Artboard PEAK


P.E.A.K Training Program

Who we worked with :

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TT Blue-01

"thanks for beauty of badminton"

Antonis Antoniou

Arion Badminton Club, Cyprus


"Going to Asia badminton academy, Malaysia after finishing my school was one of the best decisions I made in my life so far. The five months I spent at Asia Badminton Academy were full of new and great experiences. Thanks to Coach Jiva's individual training program, my performance on court and my understanding of the game improved a lot. I really hope to come back again soon."

Daniel Hornstein

TSV Diedorf Badminton, Germany


"I am glad to attended 5 tactical rules workshop, Thanks for the new knowledge"

Payam Ahmadpour