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Anatomical Adaptation Training Program

“if we only had habits, nothing would change, if we only had creativity, nothing would be the same”

                                                                                                                                                      -Rupert Sheldrake


The on court anatomical adaptation training program is a program designed for players to “get into the game” quickly. It contains components that when learned will allow an intermediate player to move into high performance and play a more “complete game”.

Anatomical Adaptation Training Program Syllabus

Session 1:

  • Footwork Timing
  • Positioning
  • Integrating Footwork Timing & Positioning
  • Redirection


Session 2:

  • Connecting to yourself in Warm Up
  • Performance Activation Potentiation (P.A.P)


Session 3:

  • Skill Timing
  • Power & Control within Skill Timing
  • Contact Point
  • Anatomical Adaptation Skills Practice


Session 4:

  • Isolated Skill Practice
  • Skill Consistency
  • Stroke Combination
  • Resistance Training in Anatomical Adaptation Training Program
  • Plyometrics in Anatomical Adaptation Training Program


Session 5:

  • Asia Badminton University Coach Education Pathway
  • Asia Badminton University Coach Education Framework
  • Anatomical Adaptation Training Program – The Big Picture


Session 6:

  • Learning to Train (To learn Shuttle Feeding Skills)
  • Long Term Athlete Development (L.T.A.D)


Session 7:

  • Stroke Consistency
  • Fundamentals of Backhand
  • Attacking Footwork
  • Versatility of Racket Handling


Session 8:

  • Conditioned Pattern Play
  • Optional Pattern Play
  • Aerobic Conditioning in Anatomical Adaptation Training Program


Session 9:

  • Conditioned Match Practice
  • Assessment Match Practice
  • Intensity & Complexity


Session 10:

  • Specificity in Cool Down
  • How To Use Anatomical Adaptation Training Program.

Fundamental Sessions

Session 1:


Session 2:

Nutrition & Supplement

Session 3:


Session 4:


Session 5:


Course Structure

  • Done over 5 weeks, 2 sessions each week, each session is between 1 hour to 1 ½ hours respectively.
  • The Lifestyle Fundamental sessions are pre-recorded and you are required to complete 1 session each week.

"thanks for the beauty of badminton"

Antonis Antoniou

Arion Badminton Club, Cyprus


"Great platform to gain my badminton knowledge"

Daniel Hornstein

TSV Diedorf Badminton, Germany


"Thanks for the new knowledge"

Payam Ahmadpour