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Pre-Competition Phase Training Program

“if we only had habits, nothing would change, if we only had creativity, nothing would be the same”

                                                                                                                                                      -Rupert Sheldrake


The Pre-Competition phase on court training program focuses on the attacking and counter-attack aspect of the game. This is the building you build on top of the foundation. These are the most visible aspects of a player. Players that have completed the pre-competition phase training program efficiently are commonly able to produce the “wow” factor within his/her match.


Anatomical Adaptation Training Program

Preparation Phase Training Program

Pre-Competition Phase Training Program Syllabus

Session 1:

  • Side-Front Attack Shuttle Placing
  • Side-Front Attack – Specific Agility


Session 2:

  • Special Shots Development
  • Resistance Training in Pre-Competition Phase
  • Nutrition in Pre-Competition Phase


Session 3:

  • Plyometrics in Pre-Competition Phase
  • Velocity Development
  • Baseline Interception Movements
  • Closed BOX Game – Specific Agility


Session 4:

  • Energy System Enhancement in Pre-Competition Phase
  • Attacking Shuttle Control
  • Stroke Consistency in Pre-Competition Phase


Session 5:

  • Conditioned Match Practice in Pre-Competition Phase
  • How To Use The Pre-Competition Phase Training Program
Fundamental Sessions:

Course Structure