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Preparation Phase Training Program

“The quality of your shot plays an important role in the quality of your opponent’s return”

                                                                                                                                                      -Coach Jiva


The Preparation Phase on court training program focuses on the development of Foundation of a player. The term Foundation in badminton refers to the same use of the word in construction. You can’t see the foundation work as much as the building itself but you sure can feel it, especially when challenged. If you do not put enough depth into the foundation works, your chances of going to the top is reduced significantly.

The following statement describes the translation of the term Foundation from the perspective of Asia Badminton University:

Efficiency of Movement from Center of Court to All six (6) Corners of the court and Vice Versa.

 Development of the defense aspect of badminton.

Development of soft skills within the vast amount of skills in badminton.

Confidence of Playing Along the Side Lines Development



Anatomical Adaptation Training Program

Preparation Phase Training Program Syllabus

Session 1:

  • Defensive Footwork – Efficiency of footwork from 6 corners to center
  • Moving to 6 corners from wrong Position


Session 2:

  • Defense Development
  • Side-Front Defend Shuttle Placing
  • Side Front Defend – Specific Agility


Session 3:

  • Preparation Phase Training Program Skills Practice
  • Soft Skills of Badminton


Session 4:

  • Resistance Training in Preparation Phase
  • Plyometrics in Preparation Phase


Session 5:

  • Asia Badminton University Coach Education Pathway
  • Asia Badminton University Coach Education Framework
  • Preparation Phase Training Program – The Big Picture


Session 6:

  • Long Term Athlete Development – Training To Train
  • Confidence of Playing Along the Side Lines
  • Open BOX Game – Specific Agility


Session 7:

  • Stroke Consistency in Preparation Phase
  • Energy System Enhancement in Preparation Phase Training Program
  • Nutrition in Preparation Phase


Session 8:

  • Conditioned Match Practice in Preparation Phase
  • How To Use Preparation Phase Training Program

Fundamental Sessions:

Course Structure